How the Companions Defended the Prophet’s Honor

There were times in the Prophet’s life that some of his opponents tried to inflict emotional and physical harm upon him.

At such times, his companions always rose to defend him selflessly. The Prophet never stopped them from raising their tongues or hands to defend him, except when they crossed limits.

Some of the enemies of the Prophet would compose and publicly recite offensive verses of poetry deriding and ridiculing him. In retaliation, the Prophet allowed one of his companions to return the favor. Not just that, but he supplicated God to aid him in his efforts:

Narrated Aisha:

"Once Hassan ibn Thabit asked the permission of the Prophet to lampoon (i.e. compose satirical poetry defaming) the infidels. The Prophet said:

What about the fact that I have common descent with them?

Hassan replied: I shall take you out of them as a hair is taken out of dough." (Al-Bukhari)

Narrated Sa`id ibn Al Musaiyab:

Umar came to the Mosque while Hassan was reciting a poem. (Umar disapproved of that). On that, Hassan said: “I used to recite poetry in this very masjid in the presence of one (i.e. the Prophet ) who was better than you.” Then he turned towards Abu Hurairah and said (to him), “I ask you by Allah, did you hear Allah’s Apostle saying (to me), “Retort on my behalf. O Allah! Support him (i.e. Hassan) with the Holy Spirit?” Abu Hurairah said: “Yes.” (Al-Bukhari)

It was narrated from Anas that:

“The Prophet entered Makkah during the Umratul-Qada, and Abdullah ibn Rawahah was walking in front of him and saying:

Get out of his way, you unbelievers, make way.

Today we will fight about its revelation

With blows that will remove beads from shoulders

And make friend unmindful of friends.

Umar said to him: “O Ibn Rawahah! In front of the Messenger of Allah and in the Sanctuary of Allah, the Mighty and Sublime, you recite poetry?” The Prophet said: “Let him do so, for what he is saying is more effective than shooting arrows at them.” (Al-Nasa’i)



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