Get foreign labor out of the Arabian Peninsula

By Jamal Khashoggi
A few days ago, we celebrated our national day in Saudi Arabia and I was invited to the famous talk show Eight O’clock with Daaoud al-Shirian. We talked about the alarming rise in unemployment rates and how youths have been feeling abandoned by the state. I said there is no solution for this problem except for us to go back to being a “normal” country through liberating ourselves from absolute dependence on foreign labor.

I was tempted by the sentence “get foreigners out of the Arabian Peninsula” so I said it. My host Mr. Shirian interrupted me and said, “You mean labor… labor.” He was worried I would be reiterating a discourse similar to that of al-Qaeda when they took advantage of the prophet’s saying, “Get the infidels out of the Arabian Peninsula” in order to undermine the economy and isolate Saudi from the rest of the world.


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